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Delila Smalley is a former educator licensed in Art and English with 13 years of experience. She is a First Gen college student and received her Bachelor’s degree in Literature from UCF and her Master’s degree from Stetson University in Writing. Delila served as the Sullivan Scholar to represent Stetson in Portugal. She is a small business owner–running Urban Apothecary for almost 10 years now. Delila also does local cleaning and handyman work around town while working as a writer and paralegal. She knows what it means to be a hardworking member of our community. 


Delila is from District 3 here in Orange County. As an instructor in her professional life, she served as team lead, served on the DPLC team, and she founded a high school garden club starting with nothing but seeds from her own garden which went on to become nationally recognized, then later served as the foundation for the Agriculture program. She also built a HS Ceramics program from the ground up. She had students get published, get into West Point, and even get into Harvard. She served as a free English tutor to children in need for eight years.


We need leaders who care, who listen, and who are willing to put in the work to benefit the community. We want to see more work going into community spaces, safety, fixing infrastructure, conserving the natural environment in our County, effective public transit, and we need someone who prioritizes citizens. We need affordable housing options and strong programs to support our residents. We want a leader who is accessible with a passion for serving. Someone who stands up for those who are marginalized and who is a powerful force to assist and represent our District. She is a community advocate who's ready to fight for you.


Delila is the daughter of working class parents. Her father was a sniper in the Vietnam War who later went on to build things like the Navy Commissary on Oahu and a Hospital in Afghanistan. Her mother was a waitress who pushed Delila to excel in school. Delila is the mother of a 16 year old boy named Elliott who was in Scouts since 1st grade and who already has a year of private pilot lessons under his belt.


Delila loves gardening, reading, working with clay, and playing with her family’s two dogs, Rocky and Diana, and their cat, Pazu. 


She is a product of the American Dream and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. She shared that passion and gift with her students, she has used it in law to stand up and fight for what’s right, and she is ready to work for you as the best candidate and next County Commissioner of District 3.

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